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Welcome to our second year of IB Physics!  I hope you're all looking forward to this year as much as I am!  Be prepared for a lot of new physics and a lot of new labs!  We'll get through as much of the material needed for the HL exam as possible--I'll do my best to keep the pace going, and you'll need to do your best to keep up! :)





bullet General course documents:

Course Expectations 2013-14--print and keep a copy


District science lab safety contract--only page 1 needed


Equations and  Data Booklet


IB Internal Assessment guide--being updated.  Check back soon!


IB Command Terms





WebAssign Class Keys:  (note--classes will be available as of Sept. 3)
Please self-enroll in 2nd period HL Physics.  Like last year, the cost for the WebAssign online homework service will be $11.50 per student (for the entire year!).  You can register for a short "trial" period before you will be required to pay (using PayPal or a Debit/Credit card)

2nd Period:  skyline.wa 9314 1680

This year's Student Information form--please fill out
Please also take this survey
neither will affect your grade (unless you don't do them)





Follow this link to some
frequently asked questions (FAQs) about lab expectations, rounding, and other important details!



Can't remember how to do syllabus statements? Click HERE for reminder information!!




Units of Study:

Other Useful/Interesting Links:


"HyperPhysics"--Hyperphysics is a great review website.  Pretty much any topic in physics you want to get a little more information on will be found on this site.  Hyperphysics is based on a flow chart (concept map) of physics topics--keep clicking until you find the specific info you're looking for!


Physics and Astronomy Reference Pages--PhysLink.com has put together a page with pretty much any conversion factor or constant value that you would ever need for this class (and more!!) in this handy reference site...or go HERE for a list of useful conversions and constants


Open Door Website--has information on many of the IB Physics topics, plus has review questions for your information.


SL Unit Topic Outlines: These are the topic outlines for the SL material.  Since the required syllabus has changed slightly since last year, there are parts of these topics that we haven't yet completed.  Please print off a copy of each of these topic outlines before the second day of school so we can highlight the ones that you should already have notes/information for.


Topic 1--Physics and Physical Measurement


Topic 2--Mechanics


Topic 3--Thermal Physics


Topic 4--Oscillations and waves


Topic 5--Electric Currents


Topic 6--Fields and Forces


Topic 7--Atomic and Nuclear physics


Topic 8--Energy, Power and climate change


LAST Year's Notes--if you need to find any of the power points we used last year, they should be there...

bulletHL (year 2) Unit Topic Outlines:  These are the units (in addition to what was not covered last year) that we need to cover during this school year.  (*note:  the options topics are a bit open--we'll talk as a class to decide what you'd like to cover, time permitting...)
bullet Topic 9--Motions in fields
bullet Topic 10--Thermal physics (Thermodynamics)
bullet Topic 11--Wave phenomena
bullet Topic 12--Electromagnetic induction
bullet Topic 13--Quantum physics and nuclear physics
bullet Topic 14--Digital Technology
bulletOption E--Astrophysics
bulletOption J--Particle Physics

Recommended to PURCHASE: note:  you are NOT REQUIRED to have either of these books, but you may find one or both of them useful if you plan to take the HL exam...


IB Study Guide:  Physics for the IB Diploma

(~$38 on Amazon.com)

Just make sure you purchase the most recent edition--it's ORANGE!

If you can't afford it, but still want it, talk to me--I'll see about getting one for you to borrow (but you wouldn't be able to write in it!)


Physics for the IB Diploma

by A. Tsokos

Also found on Amazon.com (~$49)

This would supplement our textbook; if you are taking the HL exam, you may want to purchase this textbook (and again, make sure you get the most recent edition!):


Again, if you want it, but you can't afford it, (and you don't mind not being able to write in it), let me know :)



Testing Information

In May, students will have the opportunity to take the IB Physics (HL) exam.  Taking the exam does show colleges that you are dedicated to your studies, and, depending on your score, some colleges will use your achievement to allow you to skip entry-level courses or possibly earn credit.  You will want to check with the universities to which you are applying to see if this is the case for that school.

So what exactly does the test look like?  There are 3 "papers" (tests) that make up the IB Physics test (SL or HL).  Paper 1 and 2 are both for the core material (no options)--topics 1-8. 

bulletPaper 1 is all multiple choice, and the questions will look very similar to the ones you see on review assignments and exams throughout the year.  No calculators are allowed, but the data booklet will be provided (most questions are conceptual, but there may be a few very simple calculations)
bulletPaper 2 is split into two parts, both of which are short answer, calculation problems, or longer essay questions.  Section A is typically a data-based question, where you will be given a scenario and will be asked to analyze the provided data--usually by creating/interpreting a graph or doing some other calculations.  Section B requires you to answer two questions from a choice of four; the "questions" are actually a series of short answer/calculation questions that all relate to a similar topic.  Calculators are required, and data booklets/equations will be provided.
bulletPaper 3 is a set of short answer/calculation type questions that are related to a specific optional topic (I'll get you that list a little later).  You will be asked to answer all of the questions for 2 of the options.  Hopefully we will have covered at least one of the topics before you take the test, but we may not have time by May--we'll set up a series of extra review sessions to cover some material to help  prepare you more for the options.  Otherwise I will provide you with as much information and help as I can so you can study a bit on your own.  I wish I could guarantee that we'd have time to cover all the core topics AND both options, but I can't guarantee that.

AP(B) Physics Test: 
Topics covered in IB physics will also help students prepare for the AP Physics (B) exam, but not completely.  (Students would more than likely be better prepared now that you've taken a second year of IB Physics).  This is the non-calculus AP physics exam.  Extra review sessions may be available for students interested in taking this exam.  Please let me know if you want more information regarding the AP(B) test.


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